Best Place to Shoot a Duck

There are several spots in the Prado Dam Basin to wield your favorite firearm, but this family-owned and -operated entity is the oldest (it opened in 1971) and most diverse. Duck season at Mike Raahauges Shooting Enterprises runs October through January in the ponds located on its 1, 200 acres, and the range also organizes junkets to Norco for pheasant hunting mid-September through mid-March, as well as some good old-fashioned hog hunting outside of Fresno. It also offers sports clay shooting; bird dog training; shotgun, pistol and rifle ranges; a sports fair at the end of every May, at which you can shoot exotic firearms, including a Gatling and semi-automatic machine guns from World War I and World War II; and all kinds of special events, from rattlesnake-avoidance clinics to hunter-safety classes.

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