Best Place to Shake (and Sculpt) That Ass

Treadmill? Boring. Yoga? Boring, with hippies. P90X? That just sounds scary. We can come up with about a zillion excuses to stay glued to the couch and Interwebz, but alas, one Seal Beach fitness studio finally has us speechless (minus some heavy panting). Founded by a former pro ballerina, the Pop Physique workout is designed to give you long, lean muscles, toned abs and an ass that's gloriously sculpted—in other words, a totally bangin' bod. Each hourlong session is a fast-paced mix of stretches, light weight repetitions, isometric holds, ballet barre exercises and other flab-busting moves, all set to a kick-ass, indie/electronic-dance soundtrack. (Your mama's Jazzercise, this isn't.) The instructors are attentive and super-motivating, pushing you to squeeze those thighs tighter and hold that pose just a liiiiiittle longer. Classes are offered at the Seal Beach location seven days a week in a modern, airy space fully equipped with a sprung dance floor, eco-friendly mats and high-tech sound system. (The Costa Mesa location is inside Seed People's Market at the Camp.) Are you ready to burn, baby, burn?

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