Best Place to Make a Quick Buck

The premise of a clothing exchange, in theory, is brilliant: get money for the clothing cluttering your closet, so you can buy more items to clutter your closet. In practice, it's brutal. Buyers at most clothing exchanges turn their noses up at your items like a Frenchman at American baguettes. Happily, Plato's Closet stays grounded and decidedly un-picky. They'll take your H&M blouses and Kohl's jeans and pay you a fair 30 percent of their retail worth. If they don't want your items, they're kind and respectful, folding the clothes as they go and filling out a checklist of reasons for their refusal. On your way to the Goodwill up the street, you might as well stop by Plato's Closet and see if you can pocket some dough for those jeans that don't fit anymore.

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