Best Place to Get Your Old-School Stove Restored

Yes, this business (with the awesome acronym ASH) is based in Los Angeles. But the son of the owner graduated from Cal State Fullerton, and it does a lot of business in Orange County, leaving a trail of brilliant chromed handles in its wake. If you have a classic, ASH can make an in-house visit for an estimate, never telling you to spend more than you have to (for instance, if you want to buy a stove clock on an O'Keefe and Merritt, ASH will tell you to just buy a wall clock instead of dropping $300). If you want to make your abode into the ranch house of your dream, its flagship shop stocks stoves dating back to the 1920s. And don't think an antique stove is just for show; those suckers emit such heat that you can dehydrate peppers just by leaving them inside the oven and doing nothing else.

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