Best Place to Get Your Eyes Examined

Its location tells you absolutely nothing about what goes on inside or how much it will cost you. The front of the house is flooded by natural light from windows all around, including in the area holding lots of frames. If you wear glasses, you know how important this is—how many times have you had to select frames when you can't even see yourself? Dr. Susan M. Hartley's husband, Paul Horiuchi, presides out here with efficiency and charm. He'll help pick frames that look good and go well with your Rx. They use a trusted lab—none of this LensCrafters crap. The back of the house is Dr. Hartley's dark domain, where she is the absolute master of the diagnostic machines. Once you're in the monster chair, her intense focus is all on you and how you use your eyes, your exact needs, your concerns and dilemmas. Any question you ask is answered thoroughly, as if you were an intelligent person, plus she has stellar patience when you can't tell which is clearer, 8 or 9, 9 or 1, again, 9, pause, 1.

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