Best Place to Get Your Eames On

Used furniture and clothing can be hip as long as previous owners haven't completely destroyed them and they aren't being sold by a sleazy dude with a comb-over. A good rule of thumb seems to be: If it's in good shape and it's more than 10 years old, label it “vintage” because the term “used” is so very last decade.

Well, nobody around the Greater Long Orange Beach County Area slangs vintage quite like the hipster employees at the Vintage Collective on Fourth Street (a.k.a. retro row) in Long Beach. Their shop is a 4,000-square-foot warehouse of midcentury modern and Eames-era furniture, clothing and appliances. Much like a department store of the '60s would have looked, except this one smells of age (in a good way!). The items are a bit overpriced but not unreasonableā€”and you'll be surrounded by hipness. The vintage kind, not the used kind.

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