Best Place to Get Pierced

Barba and her entourage of eccentric technicians have been happily perforating members of the SoCal community for more than 27 years. Although a fourth branch recently sprung up in downtown Long Beach, the Outer Limits family still remains relatively intimate, with many loyal artists choosing to remain for decades at a time. From the elegant brushstrokes of Yvonne La's calligraphy art (in Anaheim) to the precise incisions of Ron Garza's scarification work (in Orange), each individual cultivates a unique aesthetic and zeal for his or her particular practice. But if you're searching for the perfect place to tickle that tragus, the staff at the Costa Mesa branch takes especial pride (and pleasure) in helping you to realize your full piercing potential. Despite its location in the hipster mecca of Orange County, the atmosphere of Outer Limits remains miraculously laid-back and unpretentious. The front houses an extensive selection of high-quality jewelry in as many shapes and styles as your mind can conceive. Weave your way through a maze of patrons, behind whom you can catch a glimpse of tattoo masterpieces in the making, and you'll find yourself in a sterile yet unintimidating piercing parlor. Procedures are highly professional, and check-up maintenance is offered, virtually guaranteeing your satisfaction. Whether you're being lulled into a painless trance by Gregg Marchessault's calming presence or receiving Tara Lacheney's expert opinion on what type of piercing best suits you, the technicians at the Costa Mesa Outer Limits are serious about helping you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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