Best Place to Find Modern Kitsch

Call it hoarding with style. Shoppers at Otto tend to need things, lots and lots of things. They can’t help it. The things at this cozy art-and-design promised land in downtown Fullerton are unique, inspiring and just plain rad. Take, for instance, the designer-coveted George Nelson bubble lamps and Ole Flensted mobiles dripping from the ceiling, or the pop surrealist prints by Tim Biskup and Jason Freeny blaring on the walls. Every nook and cranny bursts with zany, conversation-triggering goods—colorful Tokidoki toys, Gama-Go wallets, those strange-but-cool Uglydoll plushies, a rubber-chicken handbag—all curated by OC style-setters Mike and Pam Atta (who also own the vintage furniture shop next door, Out of Vogue).

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