Best Place to Eat an Obscene Amount of Food

Sometimes, you just want to eat until you hate yourself. For times such as those, a table at Cham Sut Gol, the venerable king of Orange County gluttony, is a perfect place to pass your time, where the overindulging starts in the parking lot, which reeks of the sweet, sweet smell of burnt flesh. Apart from the plates and plates of beef and pork, the endless torrent of Korean panchan, the all-you-can-scoop case of ice cream, and the tauntingly small Korean starter soups that come with the all-you-can eat, “eat” isn't a suggestion here so much as a mandate. If you're ravenous, forget about waiting for a table inside—the restaurant has a great reception area, but you're liable to devour your dining partners because of sensory overload.

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