Best Place to Down Pitchers of Margaritas

Sometimes, you need just one lovingly crafted, ice-cold, puckery margarita at the end of a difficult day. And sometimes, you need a pitcher of 'em and a roomful of compadres to share it with. If it's one of the latter times, head over to Yucatan Grill in Seal Beach. The place can be hard to find for newbies, considering it can't be seen while driving down Pacific Coast Highway and a more accurate address would be Marina Drive. Despite wandering around the parking lot for a few extra minutes, the moment you walk into this Mexican-Caribbean cantina, any stress will melt away. The brightly colored walls and festive decorations feel like an instant vacation, and the fact that you can order your margaritas en masse doesn't hurt either. Made with fresh lemon and lime juices, instead of a premade mix, the margaritas here are always served stiff. And the warm service and lively group of regulars make them go down even easier.

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