Best Place to Buy a Ghost a Drink

Only aboard the legendary Queen Mary can cocktails be sipped among the living and the dead. The notoriously haunted ship permanently resides in the Long Beach harbor and has become a historic hotel. It also happens to boast a lively bar that doesn't require you to be an overnight guest. The Observation Bar & Art Deco Lounge, with its 1930s d├ęcor and stiff drinks, must be a hangout for those ghostly presences still roaming the nearly 80-year-old vessel. Guests of the Queen Mary have reported sightings and paranormal activity throughout the ship, everywhere from the first-class swimming pool to the third-class playroom. The bar features signature cocktails, such as the Hemingway daiquiri; live music Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights; and a beautiful view of the harbor. If you happen to miss the ghosts in the bar, you can always come back for one of the haunting evening tours, including Dining With the Spirits and the Paranormal Spirit Walk.

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