Best Place to Be Racist

It was bad enough March brought us the Saint Marc Pub-CafĂ© incident in which a young Latina, her sister and friends were asked to show proof of residency before being served. But then came the March 25 Huntington Beach #MAGAmarch, which turned into a lovely day of racist slurs, a Kaiser flag, a “Da Goyim Know” sign, Pinochet chants, Hammerskins coming out to play, white nationalists beating up counterprotesters and OC Weekly reporters, and a Nazi openly showing off his swastika tattoo. What was the reaction of locals? Throwing away stacks of OC Weeklys because we dared reveal white supremacists seemed to feel right at home in Surf City, with no action or even condemnation being taken against the white power losers. Is it any coincidence the local alt-right felt HB was the perfect place to hold a book burning, that anti-immigrant loon Raymond Herrera feels it’s the best place to spew his xenophobia, or that white nationalist group American Vanguard chose it as the HQ for its OC chapter? Stay classy, Surf Shitty!

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