Best Place for a Pub Crawl

We're a bit limited in the pub-crawl arena, but when it comes to finding a place that's borderline Bourbon Street (and there is a bar called that) on the weekends, Fullerton wins. The nice thing is you can make the experience as relaxing or as wild as you want. The bars and restaurants on the periphery are low-key, and depending on where you park, you can almost avoid the madness altogether. But if you really want entertainment, join the masses along Harbor Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue that congregate come sunset, and drink, dance, listen to live music and participate in general drunken merriment. The cops are bloodhounds on these nights, but as long as you're not peeing in public and have your shoes on, you'll go unnoticed—they may even be nice to you! And if you do need some time to sober up, McClain's Coffeehouse—just a short walk up Harbor—is open until 3:30 a.m.

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