Best Pickled Egg

Back in the day, every self-respecting bar had a jar of pickled eggs nestled among the cheap booze, its sulfuric tang and briny essence a great way to sop up the contents of your liver at the end of the night. The practice has gone the way of liverwurst, unfortunately, and society nowadays shudders at the very thought. So leave it to the guys at C4 Deli: The Cure for the Common, to not only offer pickled eggs alongside its fine selection of beers, sodas and wine, but to also offer three versions. The traditional pickled egg is all about texture: jellied, soft, jiggling. The smoked pickled egg is better, with just a hint of peat that cuts the yolk's taste, for those who are squeamish. Best of all is the spicy pickled egg—Sichuan meats a barroom brawl. Order one or three with your booze, lean on the counter, and you can finally call yourself a proper lush.

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