Best Pancakes

Luscious, large and topped by real whipped butter, the buttermilk pancakes are perfection. But cook in blueberries or banana and macadamia nuts, and your flapjacks will be covered in drool before the syrup pours. And that syrup should be none other than Stacks’ famous coconut variety, which even diehard maple devotees pour into deep pools. Plumeria Cafe is a Stacks Pancakes outpost—but with an aloha breakfast/brunch/lunch menu to augment your hotcake order, and as at all Stacks locales, expect a line!

23811 Aliso Creek Rd., Ste. 122, Laguna Niguel, (949) 900-6829. Instagram: @plumeria_cafe_by_stacks.

Readers’ Choice: The Original Pancake House

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