Best Pancake

There are so many mind-blowing choices at this eternally packed cubby hole that Stacks marks the best-selling menu items in each category with a yellow thumbs-up to guide overwhelmed customers. Doesn't matter: It's all good. Old stoners can be seen eating the Captain Crunch Peanut Butter French toast, but that is certainly not why Stacks earns Best Pancake of 2014. The flapjacks are just right in texture, fluffiness and flavor. The buttermilk with maple syrup is basic, but scrumptious. The Mac'nut Banana is the pancake Stacks has tagged with the thumbs-up icon; the nuttiness is subtle, the banana is right at home, and the pancake somehow retains its airy fluff. Order a side of Kalua pork, and you've got your perfect Aloha moment.

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