Best OG Punk-Rock Band

When the Vandals formed in Huntington Beach in 1980, they didn't know they'd be looking at 30 years of rude noises, ridiculous lyrics and loud sing-alongs. Founding members Steven Ronald Jensen, Jan Nils Ackermann and Joe Escalante were consistently around from the beginning, although since 1990, Dave Quackenbush, Warren Fitzgerald and Josh Freese have been permanent add-ons. Regardless of the band's fluctuating lineup, the band's aesthetic—which melds punk rock, irony, mockery and a musical tongue firmly in a musical cheek—has remained consistent. And these days, there's an added kick to the performances: The band are involved in a trademark lawsuit with Daily Variety, so members are making new music and playing more shows to raise awareness of the issue as well as money to fight the ridiculous litigation.

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