Best Bloody Mary

This one is for all you people who like to think you’re cocktail connoisseurs, spirits savants and masters of the mixed drink. No matter which Bloody Mary is listed here, you won’t agree because you could make a better one. So, all right, hotshots, here’s your chance to shine. Your blank canvas is a mini-pitcher filled with ice and a straw. The bartender provides the vodka (regular or Absolut Peppar) then you’re on your own to make some art. Get ready for this: three kinds of Bloody Mary mix or regular tomato juice; about a dozen different hot sauces (including every imaginable iteration of Tabasco); the same number of such spices as garlic salt, cayenne pepper and Cajun seasoning; four kinds of stuffed olives; Worcestershire and A1 sauces; horseradish; celery stalks on ice; hot pickled green beans; baby corn; jalapeños; and lemons and limes. Overwhelmed? Don’t panic, every table comes with a flier providing amateurs with step-by-step recipes for such concoctions as the Mexican Mary and the Bayou Bloody. Sharkeez hosts this spectacular on Saturdays and Sundays only, so don’t try to get your Bloody boogie on on a Thursday.

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