Best Bargain Movie Theater

Think back a couple of decades, when the mall multiplex was a new concept, THX sound hadn't been invented yet, and tickets cost only a buck. Nowadays, we have more technology, but don't you miss the good old days just a little bit? What can a dollar buy you today other than some processed hamburger on the McDonald's Value Menu? Well, if it's Tuesday, it can still buy you a movie ticket at the Picture Show six-plex; every other day, admission is only 75 cents more. Another dollar gets you a hot dog. And surprise—the screens and auditoriums are actually a respectable size! You'll be asked politely to please throw away your own trash, a concept long-since forgotten elsewhere, and get to see movies you may have missed the first time around just before they hit DVD, for less than the price of a rental—and on a bigger screen, to boot. There's also a party room if you want to rent the place out. It's not state of the art, but it's definitely an excellent bargain and a nostalgic throwback.

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