Best North Vietnam-style Vietnamese Restaurant

Being one of Little Saigon's oldest, most successful restaurants doesn't mean Vien Dong's décor is grimy and 30 years out of date. Not only is this place always exceptionally clean, but it has also been renovated and serves freshly made food that delights Vietnam natives, ABV (American-born Vietnamese) and even pale-white folks tired of burgers. The pleasant waiters serve one of the area's best bun rieu oc tom moc (tomato-based soup with ground crab and shrimp, plus small periwinkle snails), trung duc (Hanoi-style omelet cake with dill, onion and ground pork), dan hu nhoi thit (fried tofu with stuffed ground pork) and, the crowd favorite, can ca ro phi thi la (tomato-based soup with fried Tilapia on the side). Cam on!


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