Best Musical-Instrument Reseller

Nearly all music shops seem the same: acoustic guitars hung in straight rows across the walls, music sheets organized in a maze of shelves, someone rocking out on a Gibson as if they're stepping in for Jimmy Page at Madison Square Garden. But walk a little deeper into Jim's Music Center, and you'll find something different. In the acoustic room, for instance, used Taylor Guitars in good condition are marked one-fourth of their original price. Employees are known to give discounts whenever they can, after which they'll give you precise instructions on how to take care of your instruments and equipment. If they don't have something (which is rare, but it happens—not everyone just has a Stradivarius laying around, you know?), they'll happily lead you in the right direction. That being said, you're not only getting DJ equipment, recording technology, a banjo, or whatever else you're buying that day when you come here: You're also getting advice that's better than whatever you'll find on Yahoo Answers.

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