Best Music Video

It’s been a big year for HB rapper Yung Pinch. Aside from performing at sold-out shows around the country and landing on OC’s marquee hip-hop festival Day N Night, his music-video game is stepping up as well. For proof, look no further than “Underdogs,” directed by Cole Bennett. Highlighting the lilting trap beats of the Bluntington Beach bad boy’s millennial rap repertoire, it’s also a love letter to his local roots, with a side of cartoon surrealism that accents the video of a bleary-eye day and night in the life of the up-and-coming rapper (with a few extra-fine girls thrown in for good measure). While it’s not the most ground-breaking concept in the world, the important thing is the vibe and realness with which it illustrates everything we love about this long-haired surfer-looking MC from the 714.

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