Best Mom-and-Pop Guitar Shop

The problem with shopping at a big-box music-instrument retailer happens when, within three minutes of grabbing your dream axe from the wall display and strumming a few licks, you're pounced on by a salivating floorman who immediately refers to you as “bro.” As in “I see you got your eye on that axe, bro.” The beauty of shopping at a spot such as Rockit Music is it's devoid of a high-pressure sales crew. It's stocked with tons of musical goodies focusing on Fender and Gibson electrics, as well as Fender and Mesa Boogie amps and a large selection of acoustic guitars. Operated by a core group of guys with more than a century of combined musical experience and run by the same owner for the past two decades, it also has a diverse range of drum, bass and guitar teachers capable of taking students in any direction they want to go. Best of all, they shred.

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