Best Meatloaf

It's easy to imagine a bad, lumpy meatloaf. But a good meatloaf—the kind you find in an older aunt's or grandmother's kitchen—is hard to come by. At Last Café, a tiny jewel of a place that might be missed if you're not paying attention (it's tucked into a narrow wedge of Orange Avenue, just a block and a half up from the beach), serves up a meatloaf that's tender, thick and juicy, full of spices pulled from chef John McLaughlin's own back yard, and good enough to lick your fingers over. The little restaurant has been cultivating a steady following since it opened earlier this year. A small menu, loaded with homemade signature dishes such as the creamy, fresh peach cheesecake, is only outdone by its ridiculously affordable prices—most dishes run between $4.50 and $12.

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