Best Meal You Might Regret

There are few feelings better than those you get when starting an avocado cheeseburger at Harry's Grill in Sunset Beach. And there are few feelings worse than when you finish one. The burgers are stacked tall and loose, heavy and dripping, and they are brought to you on a tray. Two flimsy buns barely contain the fat patty and the weighty wedges of avocado. The tomatoes slightly lack flavor, but not juice—it's as if they exist to drip down your forearm and back onto the plate. Pair your meal with an icy, thin, yet somehow satisfying milkshake—you're going to feel heavy at the end of this meal, so you might as well. And feel free to enjoy it before or after going to the beach; it all depends on whether you like your food coma on the sand or on the couch.

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