Best Meal You Can Pay for With Couch Change

After your first bite at El Granjenal, you'll exclaim, “¡Uno mas, por favor!” The menu items may be extremely cheap, but this brightly colored taqueria serves up delectably authentic, fresh Mexican fare. Spicy salsa, onions and cilantro are slathered liberally on the savory, soft tacos ($2.29 each). They're available al pastor (shaved pork with spices) or with tender carnitas, hearty carne asada steak, fish or grilled chicken. The massive, overstuffed beef and chicken burritos ($5.79), real-deal tostadas ($4.99), and craveable breakfast chorizo and egg tortas (served all day at $5.69) come with lime wedges for squeezing, chips and fiery salsa, and some jalapeños and carrots. Try Kim's Korean-style tacos with grilled beef or pork, dolloped with shredded cabbage and drizzled with tangy sauce on white-corn tortillas ($1.79). You can wash them down with a homemade licuados (milkshake with fresh fruit) or fresh-squeezed juice. Join the other OC faithful who line up to get their fill quickly and affordably from breakfast all the way until 11 p.m. or midnight.

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