Best-Looking Patrons (Hottest Crowd)

Every Saturday night at Bleu and XO Lounge in Westminster, Orange County’s only hip-hop BBW club gets things poppin’. When these voluptuous women hit the dance floor, witness the bounce of every ounce and realize why your plus-size tía keeps pullin’ in sanchos. They’re the original thick women of the world who rock endless curves with confidence and too much sexy for one person. We ain’t fetishizing these women either; we just appreciate beauty in all shapes, height, weight, age, sizes and gender—unlike the wack mainstream media outlets that are barely coming to realize beauty can’t be weighed on a scale. Go slick your hair back with some Suavecito; find a button-up shirt, slacks and your Polo cologne; and go show big girls some love.

Bleu and XO Lounge, 14160 Beach Blvd., Westminster, (562) 264-5649;

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