Best Live Band

There’s something to be said for a band that stay true to their name. In that sense, the thick-eyeliner-and-black-leather allure of OC punk band the Flytraps is what draws unsuspecting fans closer to the stage so they can bite their heads off. Sporting a mix of snotty hooks and slick licks, the band (which started around 2012) provide a sound that offers the catchiness of the Runaways with the raw, animalistic swagger of the Stooges. Members have come and gone since their debut, She-Freak, but the core duo of bassist/vocalist Kristin Cooper and guitarist Beth Boyd keep the band fierce onstage, whipping their shoulder-length hair and rattling their bones to the beat of songs such as “Cat Tongue” and “Sunset Strip RIP.” Watch out for these ladies to do big things in 2018.

Readers’ Choice: The Arnie Newman Band Featuring Francelle

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