Best Lettuce Wraps

Though downtown Fullerton is one of the Southland's prime drinking thoroughfares and features lots of opportunities to raise a glass in chic, finely appointed bars, it's also surrounded by one of Orange County's best horse-riding, hiking and mountain-biking trails: the Fullerton Loop. Though not super-technical, the loop is long and physically taxing. Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer to start and end their weekend ride at the parking lot of the West Justice Center. And at the end of a long hump in the hot sun, but before loading the ol' stump-jumper into the truck (or the rack on top of the Prius, whichever), the weary rider will make the quick mile ride to Ziing's Bistro & Bar. The $8 lettuce wraps make for a light-yet-delicious denouement to a grueling ride. On the smoking patio in back, you can relax your weary muscles and do some people-watching while enjoying a large bowl of ground chicken that has been cooked via wok and mixed with carrots, onions and small, crispy strips of fried dough. Pile the mix onto a large, springy leaf of lettuce and drizzle a little of the sweet soy glaze over the top. The fried crisps add a delightful crunchy surprise to the supple snap of the lettuce. $$

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