Best Late-Night Radio Show

The world of midnight radio is full of autopilot DJs. Without the aid of an iPod, drivers run the risk of falling asleep to a prefabricated slosh of uninspired dance mixes and stale indie pop du jour on the FM dial. But if you'd rather stay awake at the wheel, we suggest listening to KUCI's A Midnight Anthem. Hosted by local selector Andy Vasoyan every Thursday from midnight until 2 a.m., it offers a melting pot of underground music that takes on all comers. The show's format reads like a recipe for a crazy music meatloaf: blood-curdling death metal and dashes of crunk and alt-rock subversion, all ground up with a helping of lamb-like indie pop. And yes, the show occasionally slips in a conga line of decadent electro jams—it's kind of unavoidable at that time of night.

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