Best Late-Night Dining

Little Saigon has plenty of late-night eats, but none is as bargain-priced and consistently lauded as Pho 54. The humble beef noodle soup is hot, starchy fuel for your nocturnal activities. But the most convincing reason to consider the Westminster Pho 54 before Denny's or Norms is economic. Scribbled on a whiteboard, the daily specials are select meals that get discounted to prices even the most generous happy hour can't match. They're rotated daily but can include a whole deep-fried fish fillet with rice and salad or, best of all, the seafood pho, a hot-and-sour soup trough teeming with all types of creatures from the life aquatic. One of these meals retails for a measly four bucks, which leaves you with more than enough to find your way home.

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