Best Korean Restaurant

Know this: You will stink. The smell of sizzled meat will get into parts of you that you didn't think were reachable except by doctors. What did you expect from arguably the most popular Korean barbecue in OC, where you, your neighbor and the whole packed house are cooking inside what is essentially one big communal kitchen? The suction vents can only do so much. Added to the sweet, smoky fumes are the grease splatters. The sputtering pork belly has the blast radius of a small nuclear device. The thinly sliced beef “deckle” ripples relatively cleanly, but that's butter you're lubing the rib-eye steaks with. The side dishes called panchan are refilled constantly to slow down your meat-consumption rate. It's also the point of the duk bo sam, squares of thin rice noodles in which you wrap things after you drag them through chili paste and sesame oil. Oh, yes, you'll need a shower afterward—both for the guilt of dining to excess and for the accumulated greasy film on your skin.

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