Best Kickstarter-Funded Replacement for Real Life

Let's not mince words: The sun is scary. It's a giant ball of fire that hangs out in the sky and is only kept stable by its own sheer size. It dehydrates you, it blinds you, and it can give you cancer. Obviously, the safest thing you can do is stay inside, and Irvine-based Oculus VR Inc. is trying its hardest to keep you entertained while hiding from the fire orb. Founded in 2012, Oculus VR is currently developing the Oculus Rift, a head-mounted pair of virtual-reality goggles used for video games, as well as other possible future applications. The company has already begun to ship working versions of the goggles to video-game developers and funders from its original Kickstarter campaign, which reached nearly $2.5 million, shattering its original $250,000 goal. Maybe the company will make a holodeck next? We can only hope.

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