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When you come to the realization that smoothies from the national chains are too expensive, too artificial-tasting and too loaded with calories, go to Cancun Juice and get yourself an agua fresca. You’ll quickly discover these are the drinks you actually wanted when you thought you wanted a smoothie. Best of all, a Cancun Juice agua fresca will cost you almost half the price and half the calories. Then there’s flavor. Without sherbet or yogurt, every agua fresca tastes like the fruit from whence it came. The watermelon agua fresca tastes like watermelons, and the strawberry agua fresca tastes, well, like strawberries! The only thing added is water and sugar. And isn’t that the whole point? If you still want smoothies, Cancun Juice does those, too, but you can bet it’ll still taste better and cost less than those made by the chain that rhymes with “samba shoes.”

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