Best Incentive to Vote

As solidly unbiased and professional journalists, many of us decline to register with any political party—and given the statistics, that's probably the case for you, too. But in California, the decline-to-states and the independents get the option to vote in whichever primary they choose. This past June, we hope you all chose Republican, and we hope it was because of Laguna Niguel's Orly Taitz. The dentist/lawyer/real-estate agent's campaign to get Barack Obama out of office because of some nonsense about his birth certificate (yes, it's nonsense) is coming up on two years of steady failure. Her campaign for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State was equally improbable and hilarious, especially when she started claiming that her African-American opponent, Irvine's Damon Dunn, was not “eligible” for the office he sought (he was). Voting against her with the knowledge of all she has said and done was catharsis; the fact that she didn't win means America may yet turn out all right.

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