Best Ice Rink

No offense to the only competition in Westminster and Yorba Linda, but the Rinks Anaheim Ice wins this award as effortlessly as Jonathan Quick kept the Ducks out of the Stanley Cup. (Yee-ouch!) There are two rinks inside the arched, Frank Gehry structure, which, on the inside, resembles something between a Quonset hut and the overturned hull of a wooden ship: one Olympic-sized, the other NHL. The Ducks train here, and on a recent visit, we spotted coach Bruce Boudreau making the rounds. There's plenty of public skating—up to three times per day—wedged between all kinds of hockey and ice-skating madness. Just remember to dress warm; unlike other rinks whose interior temperatures vary widely depending on the weather, this place is always as cold as a keg of Labatt. Speaking of beer, it doesn't hurt that the snack bar serves Sculpin IPA.

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