Best Hipster Barber

The head barber at Eagle N Pig in Costa Mesa might be the best-read barber you'll ever go to. Dane Hesse's barbershop—full of boards of the surf and skate variety, vintage mirrors and dentist's chairs, beer, dogs, and other miscellany—oozes cool. He specializes in interesting men's cuts, from the short, prim and proper to the pomade-heavy asymmetrical styles of late, and he shaves like no one else. But the prime reason to visit him isn't quality (though if he wanted to, he could rest on that alone). After graduating from Vanguard University with a bachelors' degree in history and political science, Hesse decided to learn a trade instead of working in an office. He's a great barber, yeah, but he might be one of the brightest, most erudite barbers in the United States. And really, who goes to a barber for just a haircut? Make sure you call ahead.

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