Best Hair Product

What Brylcreem was for a generation of American men, Three Flowers represented for a generation of Latinos: pomade that made hair shine as bright as a spotlight. The only problem was its industrial strength meant it remained in your hair after multiple shampoo treatments. In comes Suavecito, a pomade with the same iron grip as Three Flowers, but with an even brighter shine, a more pleasant scent and a smoother texture, yet it washes out easily. The Santa Ana guys behind it aren't exactly tech-savvy—they still run a MySpace page, for chrissakes—and the only local store that carries it is the ever-chingón Calacas in Santa Ana, but here is a pomade perfect for your grandpa, your rockabilly cousin or you, whenever you decide to grow up and properly groom your hair. Besides, how can you not love a brand whose mascot is a skeleton running his comb through a massive pompadour?

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