Best Food Truck

If you spot the Lobsta Truck upon arrival at an outdoor event in Orange County, you are guaranteed to at least have a positive experience when it comes to your meal. This is thanks to its signature lobster roll, which features steamed, chilled lobster meat in a butter-grilled New England-style split-top roll. You can have that meat with drawn butter or seasoned mayo, as you’d find in tuna or chicken salad. Either version is amazing, bringing the spirit of Maine to the opposite coast. At $13 per roll, it is a pricy food-truck item, but, come on, it’s friggin’ lobster! By the way, did you know Lobsta Truck caters? And do you know what their latest catering offering is? It’s a lobster bake with the clawed crustaceans stacked in a metal pot with greens that steam while your party guests circle in anticipation. The Lobsta Truck website has all the details on that as well as the schedule of where it will be near you next.

Readers’ Choice: El Pollo NorteƱo

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