Best Food Truck

With its intricate and colorful fa├žade, the Coconut Truck attracts you from afar. You come closer when you see a patron sipping from a whole coconut through a straw. And you stay because the menu ignores the usual sliders and mac and cheese that too many luxe loncheras still consider edgy cuisine. The girlfriend/boyfriend team inside the truck make Cambodian-inspired street food with healthy, wholesome ingredients: try an all-natural chicken, steak or non-GMO tofu sandwich marinated in coconut cream, with lemongrass and spices stacked between the halves of a soft brioche bun. The reason you'll run for the tropical truck every time you see it, however, is its taro fries. These beautiful, freshly cut fries simmer in a bath of chile-cilantro dressing, fried shallots and soy pulled pork that tastes as good, if not better, than the real thing.

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