Best Filthy-Rich Person

Orange County has more than its fair share of boring wealthy snobs, but we're also home to the funniest dude sitting on a pile of money: John M. Shanahan of Newport Beach. Born long, long ago in Boston, Shanahan's life is a testament to the fact that some folks have too much talent. He's a successful international entrepreneur, composer, author, inventor and radio personality who once put the likes of Dr. Laura Schlessinger on the airwaves. You can forgive him for that offense because, though conservative, he's not a prude; he has a quirky, entertaining sense of humor occasionally known to be bawdy. He also owns one of Europe's most famous restaurants, Dublin's celebrity-loaded Shanahan's On the Green. Last year, former President Bill Clinton dined at the steakhouse, where meals are typically more than $110. Clinton probably didn't know Shanahan hates his guts. That's okay: We can hear Shanahan chuckling as he receives his monthly bank statements.

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