Best Festival

Nowhere in OC does record-swapping, hip-hop, lowriding, graffiti, funk, punk and indie come together so beautifully in a straight wonderland of modern culture. It’s an all-ages, free event that finds subcultures too often separated in the county coming together through the leadership of East End business owners, promoters and venues who make this beautiful event happen. One second, you’re moshing to punk in the Top Acid “Way Too Fun Fest” section; the next, you’re pop-locking to funk music on the Curious Entertainment side or looking through stacks of records in the Beat Swap Meet. On top of the multiple sections in the festival, the surrounding restaurants, taco trucks and bars make sure you’ll get some bomb food to eat and a decent buzz without spending all of your money. Hopefully, the twice-a-year block parties continue long after gentrification turns SanTana into another Silver Lake.

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