Best Cannabis Brand

Cannabis branding can be tricky. Just because the packaging exudes sophistication and glamour doesn’t mean the product inside is good. And we don’t mean “good” as in stuff that’ll get you high; we mean good as in marijuana that’s pesticide-free and consistent. That’s what makes Canndescent such a stellar company: The brand not only looks chic as hell, but the cannabis is also exceptionally clean, so you know how the flower will make you feel. If you start smoking Canndescent flower and later go back to smoking cannabis that isn’t clean, you’ll instantly notice the difference—and realize that most cannabis isn’t clean. What also separates Canndescent from the rest is its philosophy of curating your experience. Instead of choosing the strain you want to smoke, you choose the effect you want the cannabis to give you: Calm, cruise, creative, connect and charge—a range of indicas, hybrids and sativas. Having the freedom to choose how you want your high to feel is what the company refers to as “the art of the flower.”

Readers’ Choice: Punch Edibles

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