Best Dive Bar Attached to a Bowling Alley

Ever just wanted to drive off the beaten path and go where the light is low, the karaoke is loud, the beer is cheap, and the girls would just as soon discuss the finer points of trucking-dispatch protocol as the hottest Animal Collective album? Such a place exists: Scenic La Habra has been home to the storied 300 Bowl for half a century. Owned by the Burch family of Burch Ford fame, the alley is well-known for the rock-throwing athleticism of Glen Allison, who in 1981 bowled three consecutive 300 games. Tossing aesthetic grandeur to the wind, 300 Bowl is hugged by the 13th Frame Lounge, a dark-wood and red-walled room with a wood-beam roof. Smelling of lemon-scented oil and Miller High Life, the 13th Frame resembles a smaller version of a North Woods Inn Steakhouse. There's even a small glass-walled section for those of you who want to relive the glory years of indoor smoking. With bottled beers running $3.50 and biweekly karaoke nights allowing the locals-heavy crowd an opportunity to butcher Dolly Parton and Nancy Sinatra songs, affordable fun always abounds. Bonus: A wise bartendress named Jan is frequently on-hand to sling suds with a sympathetic ear, a philosophical quip and sage advice on navigating the small-claims-court system. It's perfect counsel for those post-imbing parking-lot mishaps.

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