Best D?cor in a Restaurant

If you've ever wanted to dine at a beautiful French winery minus the chilly temperature and concrete floors that amplify your private conversations, then the Cellar is the perfect, romantic rendezvous. Modeled after French wine cellars in Burgundy, it's tucked away in Fullerton's historic Villa del Sol building. After descending a flight of narrow stairs through a thick oak door, you'll feel as though you're stepping into Old Europe. Wine barrels surround the dining areas in a cave-like setting, and the ornate chandeliers, long, white candles and fireplace provide warm lighting underneath the structured arches lining the roof. Velvet chairs and thick carpeting also add a touch of luxury. Tradition carries over onto the palette through a wide-ranging menu of classic French cuisine. And if you want vino, this is the place—the Cellar was one of six restaurants in the world to win Wine Spectator's Grand Award for best wine list. Expect to pay a pretty penny, though—roughly $150 for a four-course meal for two. Not bad, considering the cost of airfare to Bordeaux or Burgundy.

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