Best Conscience of OC Conservatives

If there's anything we can't stand, it's Democrats and Republicans shilling for their elected officials who've been proven crooks and liars. Thankfully, Orange County's mainstream media have a consistent, principled voice in politics: Steven Greenhut, a veteran commentary editor at The Orange County Register. There was a time when Republicans could count on the paper's opinion-page folks to cover up gross hypocrisy in the GOP. That was pre-Greenhut. This libertarian has forcefully taken on everyone from George W. Bush to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly to Mike Schroeder, the dean of OC Republican operatives, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not looking to win a popularity contest, he has called on Republicans to end the war in Iraq, abandon silly worries about gay marriage, stop knee-jerk support for excessive-force defenses by police officers, and return to the long-abandoned GOP notion of reducing the size and power of government bureaucracies. Writes an appropriately cynical Greenhut, “The GOP at all levels has made its peace with big government, as long as its members and consultants get their pieces of the pie.”

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