Best Colombian Restaurant

For years, we openly prayed in the food section of this infernal rag that God would grant us a Colombian restaurant; after all, Colombians make up the largest section of OC's South American community, and immigrant groups tend to open restaurants as their first business, so what the hell, Jesus? He heard us: Not only are Colombian restaurants starting to pop up, but they're also great, none better than Donde Adela. Order the sobrebarriga criolla, a gargantuan plate of beans, rice, fried plantains and potatoes, as well as an epic steam-cooked flank steak presented alongside bell peppers. If you don't like the meat so juicy, you can always order it caballo-style: grilled. And then there's always the bandeja paisa, a constellation of meats: turgid chorizos, chicharrones that resemble fossils, plus eggs cooked your way. Any of those meals could double as a Norms special in a pinch, but far tastier and almost as cheap.

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