Best Club DJ

DJ Velvet Touch is the kind of guy who likes to have his hands all over the place. Especially when it comes to the local club scene. If you've been to an OC Music Awards showcase in the past year, then you've heard his thumping remixes, world beats and house mash-ups searing between sets from our most-prized homegrown bands. But for this Irvine-based artist (born Eric Goldberg), the Music Awards gigs only scratch the surface of his résumé. As the owner of traveling-DJ company Automatic Midnight Productions (founded in 1998), he and his crew of local crate diggers flex their vinyl lexicon nightly throughout OC, Long Beach and LA. And if you've got a wedding or bar mitzvah planned, he's available for those, too. Be it hipster art show, festival, raging dive bar or highbrow lounge night, Velvet Touch consistently delivers sets with style and finesse.

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