Best Celebrity

Whether one hates Jesse James or really hates Jesse James, there is no denying he is the Orange County celebrity drawing the most paparazzi attention these days. Shutterbugs already followed James when he was locking arms with America's Sweetheart Sandra Bullock around their Sunset Beach home. But candid shots of America's most-famous grease monkey became even hotter after the power couple split up. With or without tattooed former mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee or tattooed current girlfriend Kat Von D, James remains a tabloid superstar. Celeb competition in OC includes porn star-turned-battered mom Jenna Jameson of Huntington Beach and Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant of Newport Coast and his once-shamed Latina wife, Vanessa, who entered the national immigration debate during the most-recent NBA Playoffs by wearing a black “Do I Look Illegal?” tee. Thankfully, Orange County has officially divested itself of former native son Tiger Woods. You can keep him, Florida!

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