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It all started with a man from West Virginia and his fascination with the cannabis plant and the science behind it. Speakeasy 710 founder Josh Hartsel wanted to create a product that he would want, and now he has produced several of them, including these full-spectrum CBD softgel caps. Because Speakeasy places the medicinal value above all, it uses a third party to test its products, meaning you won’t find any pesticides, neurotoxins or other harmful chemicals. In fact, each 15 milligram capsule is infused with hemp seed oil, made with the finest extract and using all organic-plant-based ingredients. It also throws some terpenes in there for flavor and obvious benefits. Designed for medical purposes, these pills are meant to relieve pain, help with anxiety, aid in sleeping, reduce seizures—the list is seemingly endless. Most important, Speakeasy offers patients an alternative to Big Pharma and a better quality of life.

Readers’ Choice: Paladin CBD

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